There have been speculations that Kangana Ranaut is the highest paid actress of Bollywood. While talking to media, Kangana’s sister Rangoli informed that her sister is the highest paid actress in Bollywood today.

Since then debate is on the higher side that this news is false. Reportedly it was informed that Bollywood Actress Kangana takes a wholesome of 11 crores rupees per film. But the latest gossip in Bollywood again is that this news is false and Kangana gets only 3 crore rupees. The latest film that she signed is” Rangoon” in 3 crores. It was also revealed that Kangana and her sister were lying that she is the highest paid actress of Bollywood.

Now again Bollywood actress News is that Kangana’s sister said that this report is not true and she is indeed the highest paid actress who gets 11 crores. After a report which revealed that Kangana has not yet reached the level to be the highest paid actress Bollywood. The reports also have revealed that this is not the first time when Kangana is lying before this; Kangana lied about her age also. She said it to be 29 years but when a copy of her passport was shown it showed that her real age is 30 years.

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Katrina Kaif is definitely not in good mood these days. Partially because of her split from her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor and also because her movies are not getting successful at the box Office anymore. Bollywood actress news is that recently Katrina Kaif was spotted at the Mumbai international returning from her shooting in Morocco. But when paparazzi followed her and aimed to ask a few questions, she suddenly became furious.

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Breaking Bollywood actress news is that, Katrina didn’t look happy at all and didn’t seem to give a smile to anyone while coming towards her car. Her body guards were all around and they didn’t let anyone to come even around her for a second.

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Latest gossip in Bollywood is that Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor were dating from a long time and it became quite apparent due to their recent pictures in which they were seen together everywhere. But they allegedly broke up with each other now and living apart after their live-in relationship. As per the breaking Bollywood news, Katrina and Ranbir will be seen together in the upcoming movie” Jagga Jasoos”. After their ugly break-up the couple is expected to be working together for the last time. She will also be seen in her forthcoming movie this year, “Bar Bar Dekho” opposite Sidharth Malhotra.


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Sonu Nigam is one of the greatest Indian singers we have today. Bollywood news is that recently a video of Sonu Nigam was flooding all over the social media. The video showed Sonu Nigam singing. But what’s new in that. Actually To the utter shock of everyone Sonu was dressed like a beggar playing a harmonium and he was singing on the streets of Mumbai.

Bollywood news is that the video is of about 6 minutes. After the video became viral, Sonu was contacted asking on the same, he told Media that he actually sang about 25 songs in 3 hours, on different locations of Mumbai. He said that no one recognized his voice but actually they liked his singing. Latest gossips in Bollywood is that however, Sonu Nigam feared to be recognized by anyone on the street otherwise it would have been a difficult moment for him as he was all alone there. There was no team, bodyguards or managers.

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‘Aashiqui 2’ was a huge success and all credit went to the beautiful and talented Jodi of the film and Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor. Not just the actors, but the whole story, direction and music to a great level helped in getting the movie a huge success. The movie was so much praised by the critics as well as the audiences that since the release only, everyone was asking for its next part.

Seems as if the fans will not have to wait more now. Yes that’s true. ‘Aashiqui 3’s script has been finalized now and so the actors. Many names came out as the actress of the movie but now it has come from some inside sources that the name has been finalized. Bollywood actress news is that the name is Alia Bhatt, who will be playing the lead role in ‘Aashiqui 3.As far as the actor is concerned is believed that he will be Sidharth Malhotra.

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Famous Bollywood actress Aparnaa Bajpai is now a well-known name in Bollywood. But the big news about her is that after ding a few movies in Bollywood she has moved to Malayalam movies. She has debuted as a Malayalam actress now.

Bollywood actress news is that In Bollywood, she did Vikram Bhat’s movie called “Horror Story”. She was very much praised in the movie for her praised. Then she appeared in another film of director M Sasikumar’s film “Easan”. She was applauded for her powerful performance in the both the movies.

Then what made her move to Mollywood suddenly? A says that she loves acting as it’s her passion. She just wants to keep on doing films and the language doesn’t t really matters.

Latest gossip in Bollywood is that she will be starred in the Malayalam film “Shyam” which is a love story starred against actor Rahul Madhav. Is a model turned actress. She stared her carrier with an advertisement film with Aamir khan. Just like this, in order to keep yourself updated go to the latest App, Posticker which is proving to be a hit amongst people really soon. It gives you the chance to participate in everything you want.




After getting much critical acclaim for her movie “Margarita with a Straw”Kalki Koechlin is in news again. But this time she is making headlines because of her new kindling romance. Now the question arises who is the guy? We recently saw him in the successful Bollywood movie, “Neerja”. He is Jim Sarbh, who played the role of terrorist in the hit. For more such updates you can go to the extensive App Posticker where you will get all the news perfectly.

Bollywood actress news is that Kalki Koechlinis a successful actress of Bollywood and a great Theater actor. She debuted in Bollywood with the movie”Dev D” which proved to be a hit. She has worked in a lot of good movies after that. She said during an interview that she felt inclined towards theater from a very young age so she studied the same at “University of London”. After that she came back to India and stared working in films. But she keeps doing theater from time to time as theater is her first love.

Latest gossips in Bollywood are that this time she is in news not because of her performance but because of her new alleged romance with theater actor is Jim Sarbh. Kalki is working with actor in two dramas also for theatre. One of the members of the drama confirms that they both got attracted while working in the plays together and fell in love. It seems that Kalki is really in love again with him as she has been sharing a few pictures of themselves on social media. The couple looks really loved up in the pictures.

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Latest news in Bollywood today is that Nargis has started giving tantrums on sets now. Recently when she went on the sets of the new dance talent show so you think you can dance for the promotion of her upcoming movie” Azhar”, she couldn’t get up with people there. When this news came out it became a big topic to discuss about everywhere. To get more fresh news about Nargis Fakhri and other famous Bollywood actors you can go to Posticker App and get the latest buzz. Not only this, but you can put on your own opinions and thoughts as well.


Latest top Bollywood News  today is that “So you think you can dance” is a new dance show recently launched. Famous Bollywood actors & Actress like Imraan Hashmi, Prachi Desai and Nargis Fakhri, the main lead actors of the upcoming film “Azhar” based on the life of cricketer Azzarudin. So, recently these 3 actors visited the sets of for promotion of their film. While Imraan Hashmi and Prachi Desai were in good mood and very excited for the show, Nargis was looking wasted. Nargis looked as if she is not at all interested in the show and dance performances that were coming around. Imraan and prachi were applauding for everyone but Nargis looked bored and uninterested.


Bollywood Gossips

Bollywood actress news today   is that apparently, it is revealed that Nargis was rather rude with the crew members on the sets and was not talking to anybody. Imran and Prachi also stood up and danced with one of the contestants and looked very happy but Nargis kept on sitting at one place and didn’t get up from her place to come up on the floor for dance even after being insisted many times by the contestants, judges host of shows and even Imraan and Prachi themselves. She not only refused to dance but also refused to comment on any of the performances. Everybody around was so horrified with her attitude.

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Bollywood news – Bipasha Basu & Karan Singh Grover’s Fanciful Honeymoon

Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu recently tied the knot on 30th April 2016. The couple was rumored to be dating past few years as they have been posting some nice snaps of themselves all over twitter and other social platforms. They were seen celebrating birthdays, festivals even partying.  So, the rumour of getting them married was quite obvious. Posticker also did post a lot of pictures of this couple rumored to be getting married.


Latest Bollywood news is that Right now the newlywed couple is enjoying their Honeymoon in Maldives. Bipasha recently posted few of her honeymoon pictures to her Instagram. And now husband karan has posted a beautiful picture of his wife in a bikini hidden underneath a white long top. He captioned the picture saying, “My wife is a goddess. I got lucky or what?”

Now they are married and the marriage took place in Mumbai with great pomp and show. . Some famous Bollywood Actors & Actress like Aishwarya rai bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Malika Arora Khan, Dia Mirza, Sonam Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt etc.



After a grand wedding and a full of big stars reception in Mumbai, as per the Latest Top Bollywood news today,Bipasha Basu and her husband Karna Singh Grover are making everyone jealous by posting beautiful  and envious pictures of their honeymoon. Bipasha has been posting pictures of beautiful island Maldives and the beautiful resort where they are staying at along with their excellent arrangements they have done to welcome the newly wedded  couple. Also, karan has been posting picture of himself flaunting his hot body and also of his gorgeous wife clad in a bikini. Their choice of the Honeymoon destination as Maldives was no big surprise because this is one of the best islands in the world and also they already have celebrated the New Year together in this very place. For more updates on the Honeymoon of Karan-Bips you can check on Posticker App anytime.

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Sonam Kapoor on Haters – Bollywood Actress News

Bollywood’s Actress Sonam Kapoor recently launched her own App and Sonam is already going gaga over it. Well, she should be proud of her exclusive achievement although in the Hollywood stars like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, already have their own apps and it’s another way to promote and endorse yourself and share directly with your fans about the happenings and incidents in your life, which our stars love to do but they never accept it openly. And, being present on social media means you are open to getting messages and comments from random people who will feed you with their unwanted gyan (comments) even if you’re right but wrong according to them.


Posticker is the App, which is new in the market where you can get latest hot news about your favorite Actors nad Actresses like Sonam Kapoor and many more. Sonam Kapoor also talked about the people who on social platform try to spit nothing but shit about people. Hmm.. So what should one do to refrain such kind of people in the online world? Usually, when someone talks rubbish with superstar Amitabh Bachchan or actress Anushka Sharma, we have heard them talking in the interviews that they give good space to other people to raise their own opinions but they also know when to give a warning if some people forget their limits. But Bollywood news has it that, Sonam Kapoor has a different take on this she feels such people should be blocked totally and not friends or followers list. Yes, spunky Sonam heavily feels that the best way to ignore such people is to block them from any further communication.


Sonam Kapoor knows that in the online world people are blunter and can show their daring from behind the glowing screens of their computers, cellphones etc. but she has given now just one solution to haters and negative people and it’s called ‘block.’ As Posticker stands for giving out our opinions regarding Bollywood, latest news, Hollywood entertainment news gossip boldly, is what needed today on the social platform? Get & Share free online latest top Bollywood News on Posticker.