Latest news in Bollywood today is that Nargis has started giving tantrums on sets now. Recently when she went on the sets of the new dance talent show so you think you can dance for the promotion of her upcoming movie” Azhar”, she couldn’t get up with people there. When this news came out it became a big topic to discuss about everywhere. To get more fresh news about Nargis Fakhri and other famous Bollywood actors you can go to Posticker App and get the latest buzz. Not only this, but you can put on your own opinions and thoughts as well.


Latest top Bollywood News  today is that “So you think you can dance” is a new dance show recently launched. Famous Bollywood actors & Actress like Imraan Hashmi, Prachi Desai and Nargis Fakhri, the main lead actors of the upcoming film “Azhar” based on the life of cricketer Azzarudin. So, recently these 3 actors visited the sets of for promotion of their film. While Imraan Hashmi and Prachi Desai were in good mood and very excited for the show, Nargis was looking wasted. Nargis looked as if she is not at all interested in the show and dance performances that were coming around. Imraan and prachi were applauding for everyone but Nargis looked bored and uninterested.


Bollywood Gossips

Bollywood actress news today   is that apparently, it is revealed that Nargis was rather rude with the crew members on the sets and was not talking to anybody. Imran and Prachi also stood up and danced with one of the contestants and looked very happy but Nargis kept on sitting at one place and didn’t get up from her place to come up on the floor for dance even after being insisted many times by the contestants, judges host of shows and even Imraan and Prachi themselves. She not only refused to dance but also refused to comment on any of the performances. Everybody around was so horrified with her attitude.

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