Famous Bollywood actress Aparnaa Bajpai is now a well-known name in Bollywood. But the big news about her is that after ding a few movies in Bollywood she has moved to Malayalam movies. She has debuted as a Malayalam actress now.

Bollywood actress news is that In Bollywood, she did Vikram Bhat’s movie called “Horror Story”. She was very much praised in the movie for her praised. Then she appeared in another film of director M Sasikumar’s film “Easan”. She was applauded for her powerful performance in the both the movies.

Then what made her move to Mollywood suddenly? A says that she loves acting as it’s her passion. She just wants to keep on doing films and the language doesn’t t really matters.

Latest gossip in Bollywood is that she will be starred in the Malayalam film “Shyam” which is a love story starred against actor Rahul Madhav. Is a model turned actress. She stared her carrier with an advertisement film with Aamir khan. Just like this, in order to keep yourself updated go to the latest App, Posticker which is proving to be a hit amongst people really soon. It gives you the chance to participate in everything you want.



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