Sonu Nigam is one of the greatest Indian singers we have today. Bollywood news is that recently a video of Sonu Nigam was flooding all over the social media. The video showed Sonu Nigam singing. But what’s new in that. Actually To the utter shock of everyone Sonu was dressed like a beggar playing a harmonium and he was singing on the streets of Mumbai.

Bollywood news is that the video is of about 6 minutes. After the video became viral, Sonu was contacted asking on the same, he told Media that he actually sang about 25 songs in 3 hours, on different locations of Mumbai. He said that no one recognized his voice but actually they liked his singing. Latest gossips in Bollywood is that however, Sonu Nigam feared to be recognized by anyone on the street otherwise it would have been a difficult moment for him as he was all alone there. There was no team, bodyguards or managers.

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