There have been speculations that Kangana Ranaut is the highest paid actress of Bollywood. While talking to media, Kangana’s sister Rangoli informed that her sister is the highest paid actress in Bollywood today.

Since then debate is on the higher side that this news is false. Reportedly it was informed that Bollywood Actress Kangana takes a wholesome of 11 crores rupees per film. But the latest gossip in Bollywood again is that this news is false and Kangana gets only 3 crore rupees. The latest film that she signed is” Rangoon” in 3 crores. It was also revealed that Kangana and her sister were lying that she is the highest paid actress of Bollywood.

Now again Bollywood actress News is that Kangana’s sister said that this report is not true and she is indeed the highest paid actress who gets 11 crores. After a report which revealed that Kangana has not yet reached the level to be the highest paid actress Bollywood. The reports also have revealed that this is not the first time when Kangana is lying before this; Kangana lied about her age also. She said it to be 29 years but when a copy of her passport was shown it showed that her real age is 30 years.

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