Bollywood news is that Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor is celebrated her birthday on 5 June. She turned 42 . Also, finally after much argumentation and much introspection she has officially divorced her husband Saniay Kapoor. They have been living apart from quite a few years now. Karisma did file for divorce from a long time now and since then all the formalities and court hearings were going on. Recently all the formalities were completed and now they are officially divorced.

Bollywood actress news is that Karisma Kapoor was last in the movie “Dangerous Ishq” in 2015. But reports art het she is gain looking for some more projects and thinking to come back to Bollywood. Bollywood news is that she has been going through a few scripts too for that matter. A few she has liked too and she is ready to make a choice. So this is good news for all “Rani Hindustani” fans that we might hear the news of her coming back to films once again.

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