Latest gossips of bollywood – Ritesh longing to do new Marathi movie with Genelia

Bollywood artist news today is that celebrated Bollywood on-screen character Ritesh Deshmukh, who is currently additionally a maker, needs to begin a motion picture throwing his most loved costar and his significant other Genelia D’Souza. He says that territorial films are doing an incredible business. He says it is his fantasy to do a Marathi film with her. Amid a late meeting, when Ritesh was asked that whether groups of onlookers will see him and Genelia again on screen, then he said yes, ideally. Truth be told this is his fantasy.

According to the latest gossips in Bollywood  and tattles , Ritesh needs to do a film with her in Marathi dialect. He says that the Marathi film business has grew a ton in the late times, because of which he is exceptionally cheerful. He said that there are 3 ventures lined up however he will create stand out of them as he is super amped up for it.

Ritesh and Genelia got hitched in 2012. They had been dating from 7-8 years at the season of their marriage. They had a child in 2014 and this year in June she brought forth their second child. Ritesh said that he is extremely cheerful how to perceive how his children are holding with each other at such a youthful age.

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