Bollywood Actors News And Gossips – Irrfan Khan Succeeds At Box Office As He Does With Audiences


Famous Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan’s Madaari, that released alongside Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kabaali, has grossed over 20 crore in domestic and international theatres. The feature directed by Nishikant Kamat, minted Rs 4.4 crore worldwide and Rs 16.15 crore in India.

Bollywood Actors News and Gossips is that Irfan and Kamat have teamed up after their award winning feature Mumbai Meri jaan. The thriller that seems to be doing great at box office, has been widely lauded by the fraternity, critics and audience from all spheres.

The feature focuses on the relationship of a father and a son, and talks about the responsibility. In the movie, Famous Bollywood actor is seen fighting for his family. Irrfan has with ease aced the role on screen. However, keen at understanding the complete system and to analyse the problems of the citizens, the actor has recently met with politicians.

The Famous Bollywood actor, who has always been extolled for his acting skills, however has always stated that movie box office collections have never been his concerns, and his only focus is to entertain his audiences through his films.

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