Breaking Bollywood Famous Actors News – Rishi Kapoor is all praises for Rajinikanth

Veteran Famous Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor has openly been praising Southern Superstar Rajinikanth for his humility.  In his recent tweets he has lauded the 65-year-old actor for his simplicity.

Famous Bollywood actor had recently shared a pic of the ‘Kabali’ actor at the US airport checking in for India, wearing a blue t-shirt, with a black jacket and a track pant. The veteran actor admired the superstar for his humbleness and simplicity even after the success that he has bagged with his recent super hit movie Kabali.

Breaking Bollywood Famous Actors News is that Kabali, became the highest opening day grossing movie of Indian cinema with earning over Rs 40 crore on its first day in theatres. The movie has gone ahead to earn a whopping 250 Crore worldwide, since its release last Friday. While his recent release is shattering all previous box office records, the Famous Bollywood actor Rajinikanth seems to be unaffected by the number games and the stardom that media and people have raised him to.

The Southern Superstar, who recently returned to Chennai, is supposed to resume shooting for his super-budgeted venture Enthiran 2.0, which is a sequel to its former blockbuster.

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