Famous Bollywood actor Rajpal Yadav to serve jail time in Tihar


In a recent hearing Supreme Court rejected Famous Bollywood actor Rajpal Yadav’s petition on Friday and ordered him for surrendering for non-payment of money he borrowed from a Delhi businessman.

Bollywood News and Gossips is that Yadav, who had filled a false affidavit was sentenced to 10 days of judicial custody by Delhi High court. While he had already spent 4 days in custody, will now be serving remaining six day term.

The court finding his conduct in the case as “inexplicable” ordered him to surrender before the Tihar jail by 15th of July and serve remainder of his 6 days term, out of the initial 10 days term he was ordered by the court in 2013.

Famous Bollywood actor who had spent four days in jail from 3rd Dec till 6th Dec 2013, was suspended from the sentence on his appeal with a division bench of the High Court.

However, the single judge bench, hearing the case, took an exception to the alleged falsifies affidavit filed by Yadav in December 2013, which contained forged signatures of his wife. The recovery suit against the Famous Bollywood actor was filled by the owner of Murli Projects, M G Agarwal, against the 5 crore loan that Yada and his wife failed to repay.



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