Famous Bollywood actress news & gossips – Shruti Haasan eyeing someone else’s man

The young and hot daughter of Famous Bollywood actor Kamal Haasan, Shruti is a busy bee. The 30 year old is surrounded by ads and photoshoot schedules and movie lined up for her.  Her movie ‘Preman’ is supposed to hit screens on 9th September and she is currently shooting for a trilingual, comedy film under the directorial of her father, named ‘Sabash Naidu’.

Doesn’t matter how hard this tinsel town damsel is working or how busy her projects keep her, she always finds time to get involved with someone else’s men. While earlier this Famous Bollywood actor made headlines for getting too cosy with Samantha’s boyfriend Siddharth, this time she is buzzing news by getting close to Rana Daggubati. Recently this babe, shared her images alongside Rana on her Instagram account.Bollywood actress news and gossips is that Rana who is supposed to be dating Trisha is also known to be sharing constant whatsapp texts with Shruti nowadays. Now whether these are just speculation or something really fishy is cooking up, one can only suspect.

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